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Lifescale Analytics is committed to rewarding its employees with a comprehensive and competitive benefit package. From health care plans to retirement planning and career advancement programs, we provide our employees with resources to help manage life's twists and turns at any given time.


Click here to download the LSA Benefits Package overview.

Internal Career Opportunities

Employees are given the opportunity, training, and encouragement to climb to the professional heights that match their goals.

This information is intended to represent benefits for the majority of the population within Lifescale Analytics. Other benefits may apply based on job category. Eligibility may be based on full or part-time status. Temporary employees are not eligible for most benefits. This is not a contract or binding agreement and all information is subject to change at the Company's discretion. The above information is provided in summary for ease of reference only. For Lifescale Analytics employees, detailed benefit descriptions are provided and benefits are controlled by plan documents.


At Lifescale Analytics, we value individual differences, capabilities and perspectives to better understand our customers and grow our business. We are committed to demonstrating mutual respect and appreciation of our similarities and differences (for example, race, color, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, ethnicity, age, language, physical ability and thought) so that each employee can realize his/her potential and we exceed our customers’ expectations.