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Careers at Lifescale Analytics

Lifescale Analytics (LSA) is in constant need of experienced consultants who can increase the technical breadth of our clients' IT teams and supplement their current staff so they can focus on more strategic objectives.

At LSA, our technical consultants have exceptional leadership qualities and strong technical and business skills. They have an average of 15 years of technical experience and nearly a decade of consulting experience. Our standards are high, and not every person is ready to reach them. But for those who are, LSA is a great place for them to shine. We provide leadership and mentoring to ensure they are continuing to grow in their career. We carefully match our clients and consultants together, not only considering the technical skills needed but the cultural fit too. Our engagement managers continuously monitor progress and feedback from both the client and consultant to make sure expectations are not only being met -- but exceeded.

At Lifescale Analytics, we work closely to understand what’s happening in our clients’ businesses and forecast the need for senior level IT talent. Our vetting process is extensive because we know our consultants represent us. Finding highly skilled and experienced candidates isn't always easy. But with our reputation as one of the best technology consultancies in the area, we attract the best talent to serve our clients' ongoing needs.

Are you a good fit?

LSA consultants are experts who specialize in Information Delivery and Business Integration. They fill a wide variety of roles for our clients, including:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • System Architects
  • Data Architects
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Business and System Analysts
  • Software Engineers

Each of our consultants is well-versed in both business and current technologies to keep our clients moving forward.


At Lifescale Analytics, we value individual differences, capabilities and perspectives to better understand our customers and grow our business. We are committed to demonstrating mutual respect and appreciation of our similarities and differences (for example, race, color, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, ethnicity, age, language, physical ability and thought) so that each employee can realize his/her potential and we exceed our customers’ expectations.