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Our Offerings 

Lifescale Analytics (LSA) is an Information Consultancy that focuses exclusively on helping life science organizations identify, gather and deliver quality information in order to yield the best results to reach their business goals. We then help them design and implement cost effective systems to do just that. Our mission is to help these organizations accomplish deep analytics from highly complex, high volume research data.

Our Services at a Glance (click here to download pdf version):

Architecture strategy and planning

  • Architecture maturity assessment
  • Architecture competency gap analysis
  • Business capability and L1 process model development and analysis
  • IT architecture vision development
  • Reference, portfolio and domain architecture specification
  • Investment and program planning

Architecture transformation

  • Architecture roadmap and strategic backlog development
  • Architecture program development and execution
  • Agile architecture transformation
  • Agile Architecture governance revitalization
  • Solution architecture realization

Data management strategy development

  • Data management practices and capability assessment
  • Data management maturity assessment
  • Transformation roadmap and program development
  • Data architecture development
  • Data infrastructure design
  • Data management process design, training and implementation

Data integration and management

  • Data lifecycle architecture design and development
  • Distressed data warehouse recovery and return to service
  • Enterprise Service Bus selection, development and implementation
  • Master-data management and integration
  • ETL architecture, design and development
  • Data quality and usability process development
  • Big-data consulting and implementation
  • Data provisioning infrastructure design & development

Cloud services

  • Cloud strategy development
  • Cloud implementation roadmap development
  • Public cloud integration and management
  • Private cloud design, implementation and management
  • Integrating the cloud through managed processes and automation


  • Analytics maturity assessment
  • Data Analysis and modeling
  • Data mining
  • Data discovery and pattern analysis
  • Unstructured data analysis
  • Analytic mart design & development
  • Operational analytics dashboards
  • Diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive model design

Agile Discipline Alignment

  • Business and technology architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Data architecture and management
  • Business and systems analysis
  • Program execution
  • Solution development

Managed Services

  • Solution development outsourcing
  • Analytics platform outsourcing
  • Data warehouse outsourcing

Our Program at a Glance:


Descriptive to Prescriptive -
Accelerating Business Insights with Data Analytics

The potential of data analytics can be confusing for many business leaders, often leading to more questions than answers.
This Leadership Brief will provide you an overview of four different analytic approaches that can be used to solve a business problem or set of problems. Each of these represents a stage along a data analysis continuum through which additional business insight and benefit can be gained.

5 Reasons Why Bio-research Firms Should Invest In Data Analytics

There is no shortage of “good” investments for a bioscience business; robotic microscopy systems to accelerate lab workflows, a new cell culture bioreactor, upgraded lighting systems to save energy, safety training for plant employees or recruiting that world class domain expert to drive your genetics research program. With so many worthy investments competing for limited resources, why should you invest in your data analysis capabilities?

This Leadership Brief offers five reasons that you should consider an investment in data analytics to improve your bio-research business.