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Brian Carnell, Executive Vice President

Brian Carnell is Executive Vice President of Lifescale Analytics. Brian comes to Lifescale from the United States Postal service where he served as the Executive overseeing the USPS’ infrastructure. Brian has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked for the top Tech companies in the world. During his career, he has held Executive, Management, Engineering, Sales and Marketing roles at USPS, Oracle, Cisco Systems, and WANG. He has worked organizations such as NASA, DOE, and NOAA to help develop their technology roadmaps. Brian has also served as CEO of Dzeel Clinical and CTO of PracticeStream Media providing leadership and technology strategies as one of the early pioneers in the medical digital media market.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and IS where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and Advanced Management Courses at The Wharton School.

Brian grew up playing little league baseball and one of his fondest memories was spending time at the Durham Bulls athletic park, which was walking distance from his grandmother’s house. For the past several years Brian has dedicated much of his spare time coaching youth athletics. He has coached little league baseball, Pop Warner football, soccer, and is the founder of a startup youth Lacrosse league in his hometown. His favorite hobbies are working on cars in the garage with his two sons and spending time at the beach relaxing with his wife of 21 years.

Descriptive to Prescriptive -
Accelerating Business Insights with Data Analytics

The potential of data analytics can be confusing for many business leaders, often leading to more questions than answers.
This Leadership Brief will provide you an overview of four different analytic approaches that can be used to solve a business problem or set of problems. Each of these represents a stage along a data analysis continuum through which additional business insight and benefit can be gained.

5 Reasons Why Bio-research Firms Should Invest In Data Analytics

There is no shortage of “good” investments for a bioscience business; robotic microscopy systems to accelerate lab workflows, a new cell culture bioreactor, upgraded lighting systems to save energy, safety training for plant employees or recruiting that world class domain expert to drive your genetics research program. With so many worthy investments competing for limited resources, why should you invest in your data analysis capabilities?

This Leadership Brief offers five reasons that you should consider an investment in data analytics to improve your bio-research business.